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Tuesday, May 25, 2004  

Got this off of PinayHekmi's site. These are the countries I've visited:

create your own visited country map

The 19 countries I've visited comprise only 8% of the world, though I don't know if that is supposed to be based on the number of recognized countries or by land mass. If it's by land mass, that's grossly exaggerated, since I haven't visited every square inch of these countries (obviously).

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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

Before I get around to posting my catch-up blog, I want to tell you a story.

In March of 1999, Nicha was preparing for her study exchange at Kellogg, and paid a visit to her fortune teller to see what he might have to say about it. He told her some interesting things.

First, he told her that during her exchange, she would meet a man who would prove to be her perfect match and partner. She was a bit skeptical about this point, since she already had a boyfriend.

Second, this perfect match would be Thai. Again, more skepticism, since the number of Thais studying at Kellogg was small as it was, even less so when you count only the males.

Third, as an afterthought, he told her that something momentous would happen to her on May 21st. She marked it on her calender and didn't give it another thought.

Fast forward to May 20th. My roommate Pathom and I are throwing a potluck dinner at our apartment, attended by most of the Thai Kellogg students and exchange students, as well as a circle of our friends. By that time, Nicha and I had been spending a significant amount of time together. We had sensed strong yet unarticulated feelings growing between us. After several weeks of emotional soul-searching, I had concluded that I truly loved this woman, and that I would tell her so. My only problem was: when to tell her?

In the course of the evening, I had had a bit to drink (buzzed, but not tipsy), and was feeling pretty good. With a few cocktails coursing through my bloodstream, I had screwed my courage and resolved that I would tell her that very night when the opportunity to speak to her one-on-one presented itself.

Unfortunately, that opportunity didn't materialize, and the alcohol was making me a bit sleepy. With the party still raging on, I decided to go to my room and lie down for a few minutes. It was then that Nicha followed me to see if I was alright. It would have been a tender and intimate moment, if my drunken roommate wasn't kicking and banging on the door, yelling "What are you two doing in there?!?" Asshole. (Incidentally, Pathom was the master of ceremonies at our Bangkok wedding reception!).

With the moment ruined, and the party having gone past midnight, the guests started to make their way home. Before leaving my room, Nicha gave me a long hug goodbye, at which point I looked into her eyes and told her "I am in love with you." I could tell she was at a loss for words, which explains why she replied with "Thank you" and left.

Anyone who is a fan of "Friends" will remember a similar scene when Ross receives the exact same reaction when he tells Emily that he loves her. Pure confusion. To this day, that scene is always simultaneously hilarious yet somewhat painful.

20 minutes later, Nicha gets home and calls me. She apologies for her reaction, and tells me that though she is wildly conflicted (since she has a boyfriend), she cannot deny that the strong feelings she feels for me are also love. I am on top of the world!

We are on the phone the entire night, exploring our feelings for each other, talking about the possibilities of a relationship with each other, and ultimately deciding to enjoy our limited time together and seeing where things go. I am determined to make things work.

Despite the lack of sleep, we meet in the morning to spend the day at the Art Institute of Chicago and Navy Pier. We hold hands throughout the day, and it feels like being boyfriend-girlfriend is the most natural thing in the world. It is one of the best days of my life.

Over the next week or so, things are going great. During one of our study sessions together, we take a break and she tells me the story of her fortune teller. Both of us are amazed at his first two predictions. No more skepticism. When she mentions the momentous event on May 21st, I had to scroll through my Palm Pilot to help her figure out what might have happened that day. And there it was: May 20th - party. Just after midnight, May 21st - my confession of love. A momentous occasion indeed. I'm not a fan of fortune tellers, but even I can't help but to be impressed.

So 12 hours from now, shortly after midnight, I will celebrate our 5 Year "Anniversary" by telling my wife I love her. I hope she doesn't walk out the door this time.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004  

My brother Pete, his wife Jane, and their daughter Jessie just left this morning back to the States. I'm pretty bummed. It didn't hit me until the cab ride home from the airport, at which point I wanted to cry. I'm really gonna miss them.

I have a super-long catching-up blog sitting on my computer which I've been typing out over the past few weeks. I'll post it in a few days.

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